Established in 2018, Hyde Ends Leather was planted in Uxbridge, Ontario by Chandra Cutter.  Uxbridge has shown tremendous support for the arts and culture in the community year round, what better place to set up her studio!  Hyde Ends can best be described as a line of leather goods expressing love of colour, function, quality and style.

Chandra believes when we think of quality in fashion, we should think of natural materials and historical skilled techniques.  Quality cannot be rushed, I believe the closer a garment is to the natural state of material and the closer to our hands, the longer the life of the piece will be. 

Clothing has been a symbol of modesty and adornment through the history of mankind.  Chandra Cutter draws inspiration from this history and attempts to take one back to a simpler time, when clothing was an investment in function and style while being a reflection of skill and quality.

Chandra's Inspiration