If you prefer to shop in person and enjoy touching and smelling the leather.

Find Hyde Ends Leather:

Woods Clothing

Brick and Mortar NOW Open but you can still shop online at:


Located: 70 Brock St. W, Uxbridge, Ontario

Preston Gallery

Brick and Mortar NOW Open but you can still shop online at:


Currently Showing

Located:  77 Brock St. W, Uxbridge, Ontario.

*Workshop at Preston Gallery*

2 Part Workshop

**Postponed until further notice**

Introduction to Leather Craft Workshop:  This workshop is for anyone looking to explore the versatility of raw leather and learn basic techniques that would enable them to feel confident to explore on their own.  We will be doing basic cutting with retractable blades, hide staining, creatively using embossing stamps to personalize your project in part one of the workshop.  In part two we will be exploring and completing leather finishing techniques and installing hardware.  Small class size to encourage open question period.  Join us for a fun filled evening!

Register through the Gallery or www.eventbrite.com




Shop with Purpose Market

Cancelled :(

Located: Orangeville, Monora Park Pavilion

500 Monora Park Rd. Mono

Wychwood Art Barns 

Pop-Up at the Barns

*Likely Cancelled

June 20th, 2020.  8-1pm

Sept. 19th, 2020. 8-1pm

Located: 76 Wychwood Ave. Toronto, Ontario

LoveFest Dorset


August 8th, 2020.  10-7pm

Located: Harvey Ave. W (Whole block)

Orangeville Christmas Market

November 21st, 2020.  10am-4pm

Located: Orangeville Fairground 247090 5 Side Road, Mono, ON, L9W 6K5




Uxbridge Handmade Show

December 12th - 22nd 2019.

Downtown Uxbridge in Blue Heron Book Store, 62 Brock St. Uxbridge, ON L9P 1P3.


Orangeville Christmas Show

Saturday November 23rd, 2019 10am - 3pm

Located: Orangeville Fairground 247090 5 Side Road, Mono, ON, L9W 6K5